Automate your virtual machine templates creation with Packer

Context If you operate an IaaS infrastructure, either private (OpenStack, OpenNebula, …) or public cloud (AWS, GCP, …), you certainly already wondered how to properly bootstrap your first virtual machines templates. IaaS solutions are often linked to a public repository of basic virtual machines images that can be used to quickly start deploying instances. If this is good for initial tests, it’s not that safe to bootstrap all your instances from a guest operating system someone you don’t has built for you. [Read More]

Make Ansible Run on Debian 9

How to make ansible run on debian 9 ? Ansible version running: Recently I upgraded personnal servers to debian stretch, as it is the new stable version. By default, the only python version installed on stretch is python3 which is not ok for ansible playbooks to execute properly. I already met that kind of issue (like everyone else) on Ubuntu above version 16.04. Obviously the solution is to install python2. [Read More]